Interchanging BIOS chips

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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I have a PC Chips M571 mobo with no BIOS chip (apparently the previous owner somehow broke the pins off). A friend of mine has a defective Soyo SY-6VBA133 but it will most times manage to boot to a DOS prompt. Can I boot the Soyo into DOS and flash the EEPROM with an M571 image, then put the chip in the M571 and hope it works? Would the Soyo EEPROM be compatible with the M571 board? Also, the M571 uses an AMIBIOS and the Soyo an Award. Don't know if that will be a problem or not. Any insight would be appreciated. TIA.
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The M571 image is 128 Kbytes and the Soyo image is 256 Kbytes. Although the M571 image would fit, I believe the bootblock code would not know how to address the ROM.
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