#25431 by striff
Sat May 08, 2004 8:42 am
Welp, I tried flashing my Motherboard, and well, im sure you can guess what happened ;)

Of course im not getting any video, or anything of that nature when I start up.

Welp, I have made a boot floppy (Stuck a floppy disket into my other computer that is running Windows 98, Im running Windows XP Home on the one that is broken, right clicked A drive formated it, and selected the system file button, and it boots to floppy when I restart on that computer) with the bios file I got off of ECS's websiteThis one, that one at the top to be exact (My bios is AMI). re named it AMIBOOT.ram and stuck it in my floppy at start up.

Nothing happens, even without the floppy in the drive, it dosn't even look for one. I have moved my jumper cable over one slot, and turned it on and got the "Fan's turn on for a second then turn off" which should signal that it is ready to be reset right? I then moved them over to the correct slot that they were before, and it starts fine but just dosn't look for the floppy.

I dont really want to drop the cash for a new one if im just doing something wrong here.

-Did I do the reset thing right?
-Am I using the right bios upgrade I got off ECS's website?
-Why isnt it looking for my floppy disket, and how can I make it look for it?
-Is all that should be on the floppy disket, the files that get put on it when you make it a boot disk, and the AMIBOOT.ram? Or do I need the utility on there as well?