Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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Well i have this PLEASE BAN ME FOR SWEARING motherboard with 1 ddr of 256mb and athlon 2000 xp, i upgraded sucesfully the bios with the last bios of ecs.com.tw and i try to change the speed from 1250mhz to 2000mhz, the only thing i change it's the frecuency if i put 100mhz/133 works but if i put 133mhz/133mhz the system hangs, so i decided to try HoneyX OC BIOS:
last one:http://lejabeach.com/ECS/oc021029.zip an i used aminf333.exe to flash it and it works but now i can change the frecuency more,
so the frecuency is at 124/124 at appears a athlon 1800 xp but i want athlon 2000 xp and i have changed again to 133/133 and now the system dosen't work i tried to flash again the bios chip with uniflash and the last official bios and i can't a strange message appear on uniflash at the end of flashing, also i tried the advanced sub menu method and i can't reprogram it, anyone can help me?.

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Your problem looks like PSU Memory or Cooling problem .
If you're able to rum at FSB100 and memory 133 you could eliminate memory as your problem .
Visit www.ocworkbench.com/ecs and look into the K7S5A Guide and PSU FAQ to get more information .
With 124/124 how good or bad are CPU and System temp and PSU voltages ?
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