Medion MD5000 Motherboard Dead, can't find replacements

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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Need Motherboard
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My 9 year old 2002 Medion PC MT6 computer has stopped working and every time i replace a part, another needs replacing. The MD5000 V1.0 Motherboard needs replacing. anyone know any equivilents? Please help!!! :mrgreen:
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MS-6701 made by MSI for Medion, also used in the: Titanium MD8000, Titanium MD8008, MD1110, MD1294, MD1453, MD1467, MD1511, MD1621, (MD1915?), Power Pro 2660
These boards suffer from bad capacitors and sometimes bad soldering of the small transistor Q5 near the power socket (close to the mounting hole).

You need a microATX socket478 board based on a SiS648 chipset if you want a 100% compatible board. ... ECS/L4S8M/ is one.

Maybe, just maybe it is time to replace it with something more recent including the CPU and memory too...

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