1 mobo dead, ==> hot-swap, = 2 mobo dead ¡?

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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I' ve been using hotswaping of bios with irregular results.
I did revive a dead m810lmr, with atmel 49F002NT, using a KTVKQ, with amic bios chip. Wonderful to se again the ugly ami bios presentation.

But my problem is that sometimes, after hotswaping, the good mobo is dead too.

¿ Could anyone please tell me the real procedure to make it a safe operation?.
Besides, only the computers with the option "Cache BIos Rom" enabled can be used to hotflash?.
I ask this because I broke an old 486 hotflashing, and it doesn´t give the option in the bios setup screen.

I really need instructions, because I don't want to end with a pile of junk boards.

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? I haven't managed to kill a board hotflashing other than putting in the chip backwards :oops: so ever since I use a white marker and put dots on the board and the chip so I know its original orientation...

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you mobo is dead after hot-swapping, poor you.

in this thread I want to share my experience flashing BIOS.

I own J-656 VXB board, jetway, but the board get the wrong BIOS <see "flash BIOS changes BIOS ID" topic> and also I own PC-Chips mobo with the same mobo chip Intel VX.

First, I try to flash jetway with my PC-Chip BIOS, the result It can't run fine, it can boot, but there are some error such as serial I/O port.....

next day this system is dead, no beep, but all keyboard LEDs flash. other news is I get the correct BIOS file.

in the other hand, the PC-Chip can't run smoothly, CMOS battery error.
this board get its battery soldered directly to VIA chip's pin(duno what the function of this chip). One day I unintentionally damage the joint between battery and VIA chip. the worst the PIN damaged too and the more worse I can't solder it anymore because the chip pin is gone.

back to the jetway, I try to hot-flash its bios in PC-Chip board, the obstacle I can't change the CMOS <cached option>since batt CMOS error.

then I decide to give it a shot, why not....

fisrt attempt, the system was booted to DOS then I replaced the BIOS chip carrefully, next the screen get disturbed , the blinking cursor is jump to other line, I couldn't input any command. I shutted down; place the original BIOS chip.

second attempt, nothing change.

last attempt, if it's not worked, i won't try it anymore.
luckily everything went fine, after replacement I can input command, I type uniflash bla...bla...bla...bla...

finish hot-flasing I put jetway's BIOS back, and voila! the system work good. I can say so many improvent than the wrong BIOS.

next experiment I try to make dead mobo alive. I own SiS620 chip and will ask for my friend's dead mobo. I promise I will tell you if this mobo can be used again.

last word, i ask your support in this forum.

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