My Monitor turns off as boot starts...!!!??

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Hi there!

I have a big Problem!

Got Win XP
Vaio (Sony)
1,8 htz
80 gig
ASUS P4B266-LM (Motherboard)
Pentium 4
256 DDR
GeForce2 Ti

When i want to boot my system, it jumps right on to (win xp "F8")Systemrecovery! No info about processor / HDD / ram and stuff like in the beginnig of boot (normally)!
After XP systemrecovery load's done, my CPU-monitor turnes out, but my PC is still runnin (can hear the windows Startup melodie!)
I think something is wrong with my BIOS, cause as i wanted to hit F2 or del -Buttons during boot(so that i could see the BIOS Screen) nothing happened!! It's like there is no BIOS or a damaged BIOS!?? could that be?
Is there a software that can recover my BIOS??

Thank u!
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Nothing wrong with BIOS - you have set an resolution/refresh rate that your monitor can't support. Start Windows in Safe Mode and change the resolution to one that your monitor can do.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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