1 more mobo in the trashcan (is somebody counting? :)

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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Got this cheap, but new rig the other day and installed beta Windows 7 onto it. Compared to my old Shuttle, this thing ran fast and smooth. Decided to customize everything - finally to the extend of the nasty AMI and Intel logos in the bios.
I am/was a complete newbie to this, but got interested and spend three whole days and nights wandering about on the net to find info and tools to mod and flash my bios. Well, I succeded in replacing the (0E)logo and also the (1A) Small Logo(s).

Well, I guess my idiocracy was truly elevated once I went for the Intel logo. Could´nt find anything on the subject, extraction in MMTool3.19 gave me no clues. Unlike others, Having no (1E) ID in my bios, I just assumed the position as the guy "who finally did it" was for me (yeah..right). Somebody claimed it to be hidden in another file (dont remember what) and he filled it out with 0´s, never heard from him again. Well, I got a bad result :? I get the initial screen with the usual POST-message below (and the stinking Intel logo still laughs at me in the lower right corner :evil:) but from there, nothing can be done. Cmos reset and floppies, Asus crashfree bios3 and AFUDOS.exe seem useless. No boot block+weird patterns on the screen that could hypnotize anybody..I could send my chip to a programmer, but it´ll be cheaper to go for a new mob.

So, another motherboard in the trashcan and absolutely no more playing with fire for my part. I´ll stick to small oem logo changing and leave this retro-bios-editing/modding game to you ultra-geeks in the future :roll:

Just tell me one thing - nobody ever actually succeded in replacing the Intel logo in newer AMIbios versions, did they?
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