My motherboard is dead

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I am try to fix a failed industrial computer using an old USLogic MoBo . Recently, the board did not boot the HD, no RAM check, no video, nothing. I checked the NiCad battery, it was flat. I replaced it with a charged one. It did not change. The power supply is OK because when I replace the CPU board from another equivalent machine, the system works. There is no visible burnt component. I need to know if the problem is due to erased BIOS or an invisible damage on the board.

Thanks.... :?
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My usual procedure:
Disconnect all disk drive cables and unplug all controller cards except the video card. Re-seat (i.e. remove and re-install) the memory and the video card.

As you have a similar board, you can also test the CPU and RAM by swapping, and maybe swap the BIOS chip. If this does not work you may have invisible (e.g. electrostatic) damage - a dead chip.
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