#27186 by fanis23gr
Mon Aug 23, 2004 8:52 am
Hello i have P4 3ghz with motherboard gigabyte GA-8IK1100 875P and MSI 9700 256 RAM and tower ANTEC 400W.I was update my bios but it work very good for 4 days.Yesterday i open the compouter the morning and work again very good.After 2 hours i open it again and my machine cannot start.I can't hear any beep of bios and i can't see anything on the monitor.Only the power led and the led of hard disc is on .I remove the hard disc but nothing.I put the samsung 512 mb ddram to another slot but nothing.I remove msi 9700 vga card the same problem.I remove all the cable of the tower and i left only the power and restart.I remove the memory and i tried but i cannot hear any noise (beep).The fans of the tower,prossecor work fine.At the end i remove the battery for 1 hour and unplug the compouter from the electricity and press many times the power.I want your help.