#33349 by Mad Professor
Tue Aug 16, 2005 4:13 pm
I have a MSI MS-6367 Ver: 1.0, Witch has been removed from a HP computer.

I am trying to Flash the bios with a true MSI bios, and not a HP one.
But I am not having much luck.

Here are the details from the boot screen.

Copyright 2000 by Hewlett Packard Company
Rev. 3.03 09/04/2002


So I tryied the uniflash progam 1.22 from (BiosCentral), It get 3/4 of the way and stoped, Oh poo.

Now I would like to try and reprogram this bios with the lastest HP or MSI bios.

BIOS Chip Details.

HP Bios: (http://support.packardbell.com/uk/mypc/index.php?PibItemNr=6908120200&PibItemParent=platform_clipper_ixtreme)
MSI Bios: (http://www.msi.com.tw/program/support/bios/bos/spt_bos_detail.php?UID=290&kind=1)

Now I have found the latest version of UniFlash 1.40, when i try and flash with the MSI or HP bios it says file size mismatch.

So I then pulled apart a spare computer with an nForce 2 chipset the same and the dead mainboard, booted to dos then swaped to the dead bios, ran the UniFlash program.

Both the MSI and HP bios are 256k in size but the UniFlash program says i have got a 512k bios chip.

Can anyone help me or am i just running around and around?