Newly placed Award BIOS on EXP8551 REV 1.1 makes problem

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My mobo is EXP8551 REV 1.1 - TRITON

I friend found me an Award BIOS Chip (PCI PNP 586)

I believe there is problem with the BIOS again! :(

The BIOS code bottom of the screen shows 430VX somewhere
but I think that it should have been TRITON there.

The BIOS cannot assign IRQ for 2 brand new ethernet RLT8139 cards.
I tried to load versions v7.0 and 7.2 of Redhat Linux and noone can't load the SYSLINUX from CD-ROM.
Finally FreeSCO Freesco v0.3.1( can load from floppy and hard disk but it can't find my 2 ethernet cards.
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That's because the BIOS "in" the chip is not for your board! Try using the hot-flash method to flash the EXP8551 BIOS in your old chip.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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