#36114 by Spectre22
Wed Jan 11, 2006 6:50 pm
Ok, so it all started with me getting into my bios to do a lil tweaking to upgrade the performance on my video and memory. However, after i changed the settings, for whatever reason i would turn on the computer, it would start to boot up the bios, then stop before i could enter set up again. i tried many times to get back into the bios setup with no luck. finially i tried to reset it with the jumper. that was unsuccessful so i pulled out the battery for the bios to reset it. in doing this, i was able to get ascreen that said: press F1 to continue, Del to enter setup. I had never had this before but was happy it was there, i pressed F1 and everything was groovy. Then, later in the day windows update restarted my computer and i got the F1 screen again, i pressed it and got nothing. i repeated this over and over. Finally i went into set up and stupidly selected the return to failsafe settings, thinking that would solve my problem. Now all i get a blank screen, the computer starts, the harddrive spins for a while and then stops. all the while i have a blank screen.
Do i need a new bios? is there something i can do physically? must i replace the whole motherboard?

I have a phoenix awardBIOS. i cant look up the numbers for it, but from memory i believe it was: 215.215

please help me