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Because of trouble getting a new videocard to work on my old computer i tried upgrading the bios, this solved the problem with the videocard :-) , but a new problem arised :-(. Each time I turn my computer off, and try to restart it, it won't start. When I try turning the computer on, I can hear the fans starting, and the Harddisks and CD-player, but the monitor is not turned on, and nothing more happens, the only thing I can do is to pull the plug. After doing this I try starting the computer again, and this time it works like a charm :-), but next time I turn the computer off, I have to follow the same procedure to get it on again. Turn on, turn off and then turn it on.

I use a Abit BX-6 MOBO, with Award BIOS, and the Videocard in question is a 32 MB winfast geforce 256

Does anyone have a suggestion??

Hope you understand my english?
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I had the same thing happening with a Gigabyte motherboard , except this one has VGA-AGP on board.

Did you have a video chip on that mobo before you installed the new videoocard.

The bios may get confused some times which video chip to use.
On mine it does that some times when install MPEG cards using PCI slots.

When I see that I just press RESET until it gets it right.
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Picked the correct Bios for your Boardrevision ?
If I remeber correctly Revision 1.0 and 1.1(and upper) needs different Bios !
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