#21468 by Phil Harmonic
Tue Nov 25, 2003 11:04 pm
Hi, I hope you can help. A few weeks ago, I decided to move the innards of an old PC I have into a new case. PC Chips M537DMA MB, Western Digital WDC12500- 2.5Gb HD, Trio 64 mono; Diamond Monster 3D graphics, Matsushita DVD-ROM, Award BIOS 4.51PG ID string - 2A5LDH09c-00. When I switched the machine on, nothing happened. I was advised to remove the motherboard from the case. So, I assembled the MB on the bench beside the case. When I switched on - the machine POSTed several times and finally detecetd the drives and booted into Windows. This happened after a CMOS checksum error - loading defaults meassge wos displayed on the screen and I replied to continue. various things then were not working, but ENabling them in the BIOS sorted this. However, each time the machine is switched on, or restarted, it POSTs several times before detecting the drives and completing the load of the OS. I have even stripped down the board to just CPU, RAM and vid card and it still POSTs over and over. What can cause this behaviour in a BIOS? Does it suggest MB failure?