#33862 by berndthebread
Mon Sep 19, 2005 9:30 pm

i got a msi motherboard neo K8T Neo2 Serie ( MS-6702E )

i had some problems with my agp (was disabled) so i updated my bios...stupid as i am...i installed the wrong one i think:

K8T Neo2-F V2.0 ( MS-7094)
Version 3.2 (Award), 9/2005 - updates the CPU ID.

i got a winchester cpu so i have to install this one:

Version 3.3 (AMI), 1/2005 - updates Firmware des VIA 8237.
- suport for ATI 9800SE cards.
- info: this bios is only for Winchester CPUs

i tried it a few times to intsall the 3.3 version for my motherboard but i always get a failure message:

-error- file size does no match!

i did it right as its written in the manual which is included in the rar file.

i hope someone out there can help me because i dont know how to go on.
my friends cant help me too :/

i got the bios updates from the msi homepage:

best regards bernd