#8036 by shankar
Sun Sep 15, 2002 5:27 pm
I've a Soyo EMA+ motherboard with a AMDK6-2 450MHz processor. Recently, Windows 98 and Linux both crashed and I wanted to put it back together.
Last week, I upgraded memory(256 MB from crucial tech. for EMA+) and BIOS( from Soyo).
I repartitioned and reformatted the hard drive to install Windows 98 and had a hard time doing it.
The installation used to crash in the middle. After messing with the BIOS settings, I was able to finally install Windows.
Before I started the installation, I disabled CPU internal cache, UDMA and virus protection options(courtesy: microsoft FAQ ).
The installation took a long time, obviously but completed successfully.

The system comes up but it is kind of very slow because the internal cache is disabled. If I enable cache, the OS does not load.

Enabling the other options UDMA/virus protection seems to be fine.

So, I thought this could be a processor problem. Could the processor be dying ? Or, could it be the motherboard?
Thanks in advance.