#4785 by marios
Thu Jul 04, 2002 10:20 pm
Downloaded from the official Redfox website (www.redfox.com.tw) Flash Bios Utility plus appropriate filmware, followed the directions to the letter (BUT did not save the old BIOS), rebooted my machine, and guess what? Nothing happened :(
There is power coming to the drives, as I can hear the drives spinning, as well as the fans, the hard disk works for a while and then everything freezes. There is no monitor action at all, tried using an ISA graphics card with no suceess. Followed the 'put a bootable floppy with autoexec file' but floppy doesnot work. Resest CMOS, removed battery and power cable but to no avail.
:idea: PLEASE HELP! :idea:
A solution could be hot flashing but I need a working Bios File. Anybody :?: