Removed Battery...Now No Bios

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I know it was very stupid to remove the CMOS battery, but I used this technique with an award bios and all I had to do was restore the "Defaults". Well this time I tried it with an intel board. Now my PC won't boot. HELP!!!!!! :cry: .
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By "won't boot", what do you mean exactly? No video? hangs on post? what?
Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
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Why was it stupid to remove the battery? Batteries also go dead and no manufacturer I know make motherboards that pop their clogs everytime the battery gets old.
You sure you didn't touch anything else whilst inside your box? (Static :twisted: )

just a thought.

Is it completely dead by the way?
or do you get whirrs and clicks and goes past POST and then crashes when you start Winamp :)
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