Sapphire Pure Fusion Mini E350 dead after BIOS flash

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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After using a windows flash tool from sapphire, the board does no longer boot. It even does not enter the BIOS screen or shows any video.
On power-on, the POST code jumps around like crazy. It looks like a corrupt BIOS. The system seems to hang during startup.

I don't know of any recovery BIOS. Do you know other tricks to fix it?

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What board model was the Sapphire tool reporting and did you check if that really was your board? First need to find out if it is just the wrong bios that got flashed or if the bios flash completely failed.

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Almost same problem, after bios update, board stuck in bios, system not booting from any drives or cd, after restarting right away comes bios, if save any setting motherboard freeze until reset bios... :(
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