#48624 by PapaCap
Thu Mar 27, 2008 8:06 am
Hey guys. After surfing the net, I found some information (or disinformation) about my motherboard being compatible with a newer BIOS version not recommended by the manufacturer. So I try it. And now my VAIO is dead. No post beeps and the monitor doesn't receive a signal. Dead dead. So I figure I need to get my BIOS reprogrammed. However, the BIOS file offered by Sony has a memory max of 256 meg. I'd kinda like more memory and stuff. I was wondering if anyone had a patch or updated BIOS that would work with the VAIO desktop PCV-L series? I believe the board is an Asustek, but the model number is a mystery as I can find no info on it. I contacted Sony, but they are pretty useless. Another thought...can anyone modify the existing BIOS? I don't mind paying. I just want it done right. Thanks.