#35120 by Sir Boo
Sat Nov 19, 2005 3:52 pm
HELP!!! Need Input!. i have a soyo sy-7vca-e motherboard.the bios #reads as follows 7vca-e 2aa2 upon researching the soyo website this is the latest bios update for this board when i boot up the board it just gets to the mem test screen then locks up. the cpu is a celeron 700 . all that is on the board is the video card and cpu.. what could the problem be? i have cleared the cmos , changed the m/b battery still the same things also tried swapping the cpu with a celeron 933 and when i did that i got nothing..also swapped the video card from a pci to agp and back (ihave tried four different videocards} also tried swapping the powersupply. manual cpu settings dont work on this board as it is auto cpu detect any input is greatly needed. Thanx