#54790 by Angeld69
Thu May 06, 2010 12:32 am
Really need some help here guys!

I am a pretty experienced PC user and upgrader and know my way around fixing most issues, but this is stumping me a little.

Was in the bios checking on couple of things before installing win7 on mates dell XPS gen3, hadn't made any changes and was about to exit the bios when my mate decided to reset. Now the system boots into the vga bios screen and doesn't go any further. It just gets stuck and won't bring up the motherboard bios screen, no mem check, no cpu info, no HDD check, nothing.

Does this mean the bios has been currupted and if so, is there any way around this? Or is the bios, as I fear, totally screwed?! If so, can the bios chip be replaced on the motherboard and if so, any ideas on what chip and where I can get it? Have tried the motherboard bios reset jumper, but still nothing.

Please peeps, any help is seriously appreciated.