#11005 by darkchina
Tue Nov 12, 2002 4:59 pm

I'm a PC reseller and was doing some maintenance on a customer's PC, including BIOS update ... damn it !

the mobo is Soyo SY-6VCA, had BIOS v2AA1 and wanted to update to v2AA5... so I got the BIN file from the FTP and flashed it with AWDFLASH 8.20...... dead!!!!

only bootblock shows up, saying "BIOS ROM checksum error" and AWDFLASH cannot recover, it says something like "BIOS was not new AWARD, please update ROM BIOS first"

tried even UNIFLASH.... it says write error in every case: with the original BIOS backup (with or without bootblock) and with the last version (with or without bootblock)

at the end I suspect the flash chip to be defective.... but it worked fine before my attempt to update....!!!!!