#32406 by aandylau2000
Thu Jun 09, 2005 2:47 pm
m/b Ga6vxe7+
cpu 866 Hz
bios winbond w29c020c-90B
upgrade bios screw up.then Bootblock bios.then a:\ is up
type awdflash.exe ga 6vx7p.f5(which i downloaded from Gigabyte site)
respones error message said (system was not new Award Bios version updata Rom bios first .
can anyone give suggestion what to do next???
i also try what suggest when you type the command award/?
awdflash.exe ga6vx7p.f5 /py/sd/cd/cks2635.it response
checksum=BF9DF then it hang
what should i do next?????