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Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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Here's a SUCCESS story for those with DEAD boards.

I tried to update my ProComp BVK1A BIOS using awdflash, but my system hung. When I tried rebooting it wouldn't post, and it made two weird low frequence beeps then locked with a blank screen. I thought I was going to have to locate and buy another SLOT A motherboard to replace it... Or spend $30.00 to have someone send me a new BIOS chip, but I found your website and tried the hot-flash.. It worked!

The Details: I used a Matsonic MS5025 mainboard with an AMI BIOS and an Intel i430TX chipset to boot to DOS (pressing F5 to skip the config.sys and autoexec.bat onthe computer). Next I pulled the AMI BIOS chip from the computer and inserted the AWARD BIOS chip from the BVK1A board. Then from a floppy I ran Uniflash, used advanced to force the boot block, and successfully updated the AWARD BIOS chip. I turned off the computer, put both chips back into the correct motherboards and wa-la... I have two very healthy PCs again.

Many many thanks to everyone who contributed to the development of Uniflash! I tried using several versions of both the AMI and AWARD flash utilites to no avail before I found Uniflash.

Jay P.
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