#24912 by fallenknight308
Tue Apr 06, 2004 3:18 am
First off, I'm new here,
But I think I'll be able to save everyone some pain by not asking the basic questions anyway.

Lets keep this short and sweet: I was attempting a linux installl on my buddy's comp, and discovered that the cdrom didn't want to boot the distro, so I did what I thought was the logical thing and went for the bios upgrade.................welllllllll I took my time looking for the right one and alll, but I goofed and musthave unleashed the deamons.
So it's like this: Blank screen, no post, the whole nine.
I have been online all day trying to find solutions for this.
Here is what we are looking at:

Packard bell, Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Orlando PB680 board, ami bios, ver: "1.00.05 dnor"
I was trying for the "1.00.12" upgrade and it hung at 60% (u-oh.....lol)
So I went here, and there looking for a solution and came up with the following: http://www.uktsupport.co.uk/pb/mb/680.htm
Ok, cool, that was a big help, but I did the "restore, jumper, cmos thing"
and still have had nothing definitive.
The floppy reads and everything (which is good right?)
but it does not give the "two beeps" that its supposed to during recovery to signify that its done, it just hangs there and "reads" forever.
green light on and all.
So I assume that we are beyond the recovery stage?.
Where can I go from here? I've read about the hot-swap thing, but thats not an option for me.
Anyhow, enough rambling, here are all the sites I've been to so far:


http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/ ... b680a.html

http://www.motherboard-links.com/bios_m ... grade.html


http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/ ... chart.html

So as you can see I know enough to get crazy (lol)

Thanks in advance, if anyone can help

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