#46160 by JEWilson
Thu Sep 20, 2007 9:35 pm
This is dead and has an nForce2 chipset.

Have made an image of the BIOS on the mobo
As it is a Phoenix BIOS, using a hex editor, the
BIOS can be seen to be a Trigem Advent Series 7 type.

I have discovered this board to be used in the following
Advent Desktop PCs;
1. Advent 3317
2. Advent 3617
3. Advent 3317a

However, the picture as detailed at an Advent support website
here in the UK details these boards as having on-board VGA.
see further;

As such this would designate the mobos as listed to have the
nForce2 IGP and will further, not support DDR400.

I review of the official MSI manual finds;
1. boards with on-board VGA to be K7N2GM and
2. those not, to be K7N2M

Whereas MSI state the K7N2M to support DDR400, the K72GM
only supports DDR333. This makes me think the board I possess
is the former but this does not concur with the pictures as detailed
at the tech support website stated above.

Of course sigh... (again) this could be an oversight by the tech
support and their website. This would not surprise me!

Q - does anyone know of any other OEMs who use this board?