#49904 by kellj
Tue Jul 29, 2008 5:22 pm
Hi there, first post here. I got a free Presario SR1033WM with a 2.8 celeron that I'm hoping will reduce the fighting between kids for the computers around here. There was no hard drive so I put one of mine in and started loading up win2k. It keeps shutting off at various points during the install and can't get all the way thru.

motherboard MS6577 V4.1
current bios 3.09
only bios offered on hp site 3.26

I'm wondering if I put the more current version of the bios offered on the hp site if it might help. the current version is listed for windows xp and they don't have one listed for win2k. I have look on the internet for a win2k bios but there don't seem to be any.

Also, the bios download from hp gives me a .exe file which I believe they want me to run in windows. Can I put that exe file on a bootable floppy to install it?

Incidently, I have an older, slower, smaller hard drive that I put in to see if it would allow the win2k install and it did! With that hard drive the computer runs and does not turn off. But I have some nice newer drives that I would rather be using to make this system useful.

Any thoughts, questions or help will be sincerely appreciated.