#28584 by angelo_mex
Wed Dec 08, 2004 12:25 am
I have an ECS P4VXAS rev 1.0 motherboard for a 1.5 GHz Pentium and PC133 SDRAM memory; Award BIOS with a 32 pins, 256 KB, Winbond W49F002U12BN chip.
A week ago I erroneously upgrade my BIOS with a one downloaded from the ECS website and named vxadv13b.bin, I flashed it with the winflash.exe utility downloaded from the same site. After reboot my motherboard was dead.
I discovered that the new BIOS was for the ECS P4VXAD motherboard that support 478 pins Pentium and DDR SDRAM and not simple SDRAM like my motherboard.
I make a bootable disk with the awdflash.exe utility and the now correct vxmsv12c.bin BIOS and the autoexec.bat:
awdflash.exe vxasv12c.bin
but when I power on my system there is no floppy activity and I only can listen an interminable sequence of long Beeps. I proved the uniflash.exe utility too.

My questions are:

1) Which is the really problem I have?
2) Can I solve this problem without buy another BIOS chip or send for reprogramming?
3) Can I do a hot-swapping ? The problem is that I have only a M590 motherboard for a Pentium Pro with an AMI BIOS 32 pins, 128 (not 256) KB, ASD AE29F1008 (= Winbond W29EE011) chip. I think to boot into DOS from this motherboard, to replace the BIOS chip with the corrupt one, flash it and reboot. Is this viable?
4) How I must remove the chip from the motherboard?
I need an expertise help, from someone that really know what I can do.
Thank You for the help, Angelo S.