#60896 by PieterA
Sat Nov 07, 2015 2:13 pm
I am looking for a BIOS file for a socket 7 mobo: QDI P51430VX/230LC
Bios: Award 077229869 PCI/PNP 586
Intel chips: SB82437VX / SB82371SB
version stickers on ISA slots: 808/02802/104 and 001410372801650

The board is stuck in 'Boot Block Bios' modus.
It starts up but instead of posting it requires a system disk that I do not have.
Resetting the CMOS does not help.
I have tried to find a BIOS file for this board on-line but no luck. Is it possible to get it via the "Wim's Bios' network ?
Thanks in advance.