#25558 by slamgreg
Mon May 17, 2004 12:14 am
8) Hi everyone,got this problem with booting an OS on my friends system
system specs are AMD k6 VIA (VT8501)Chipset,64MB RAM, Award BIOS
He's system crashed,i tried to bring it back up again.It would goes as far as detecting the hardrive then stop,could use DOS because i could see the C:\ ,all directories but couldn't boot into Windows not matter what,i formated,re-installed and the ultimate even tried to install Linux to see if that would work,no luck,I thought i was in luck when i got it to install from CD-Rom everything proceeded normally until time came to finalise the hardware settings,which requiered a reboot,after reboot it would go through POST etc detect hdd then nothing -BLANK SCREEN.