Where can I buy a new BIOS chip?

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Hi. I own an asus P2B-S board and I need a BIOS chip (yes,I really do!). The only place I've found so far is MrBios.com, which sells this whole neat little package that unfortunately costs more than a motherboard itself! By the way, it is an Award BIOS chip. Thanks a lot, Jason.
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MrBios/Unicore will run you about 50 bucks...plus shipping...
Badflash.com is another place...they charge 20 bucks, but you have to know where your bios is on the net so they can flash it.
Here's another from Rainbows site:
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I just buy junk motherboards from the bin at a local computer store I then harvest the bioses from them.
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Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
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Look up bios savior on the internet--cost is $20 to $25--its well worth the money.
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