I wish to try a hot swap, on a bx133 raid, using a ZX bios

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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Greetings this is my first post here.
I read in the FAQ "Replace the corrupt chip by a working one. The best option is to take the working BIOS chip from a motherboard which has the same chipset although that's not absolutely necessary".
If its not always necessary here is my question.
I have a BX133-raid that will not boot. I have no video on power up, no beep or no floppy seek. I tried a different floppy controller card like suggested in the faq. Since I cant get a post, im not sure of the current bios date, so it may not accept the FCPGA which i tried. I will soon have a working ABIT ZM6 board which uses an award bios, but it has a 440 ZX chipset. If i booted the working board, then swapped in the bios from the bx133 and flashed it, would that seem to be the best bet on flashing the non working bios? I have never tried this before, and dont want to have 2 dead boards.
Thanks in advance..
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This should work ok but you have to be careful !
Check the correct orientation of your Bioschip when inserting into the socket > small notch on chip and socket have to look into the same direction
If Awardflash don't work use Uniflash
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