#22303 by lilfurson
Mon Dec 29, 2003 2:58 am
I flashed the improper bios to my bios chip on my motherboard. I flashed bios for the asus p4pe-xs motherboard instead of the regular asus p4pe. This was the first problem. So i created a boot disc and in autoexec.bat i put aflash p4pe1007.awd which is the correct bios for my motherboard. I unpluged everything from the motherboard except the floppy drive and rebooted. The floppy disc was read so i thought that it may have updated the bios correctly since when i reboot and take the disc out i get bios beep codes saying there is no video card. If i plug the video card in and turn on, the system turns on but nothing happens, no beeps, nothing on the screen. Anyone have any ideas? Just looking for some more suggestions. I have found a person who will write the correct bios on the chip but if that is what i have done already i don't see how it can help. Once again just looking for anything to try. I have a new mobo coming this week. Thanks