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Medion MD5000 Motherboard Dead, can't find replacements

My 9 year old 2002 Medion PC MT6 computer has stopped working and every time i replace a part, another needs replacing. The MD5000 V1.0 Motherboard needs replacing. anyone know any equivilents? Please help!!! :mrgreen:
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GA-K8N Ultra 9 flash recovery help needed

I've tried to flash my Gigabyte mainboard BIOS with @BIOS Windows utility. This is on a Dual BIOS board and I was flashing the main BIOS. Sadly, update failed on 50%. This is perhaps because Gigabyte forgotten to solder BIOS Write Protect jumper and I assumed (falsely?) that no jumper=no protection.
Anyway, PC would now start, show memory count screen correctly, say about corrupt NVRAM and prompt me to press F1 or Del. After ...
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Ricoh IT2 motherboard

Hi. I have a Ricoh IT2 motherboard, which I did a bad bios update. Now the motherboard turn on only with a video card on pci bus. I need a bios file from someone who has such a motherboard. Mention that over the BIOS chip(SST), on a label, write DSLM6226. I am able to flash the bios with a programmer. THANKS.
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BIOS Recovery Compaq Presario SR5612PT

Hey, the other day I tried to update the BIOS and crashed, now when I turn on the pc the screen is black. I think the only solution is to do a BIOS recovery, I've done some research but only found BIOS recovery's instructions for other machines, pc specifications:

Compaq Presario SR5612PT
CPU: AMD Athlon 4450e
RAM: 2GB pc2-6400/DDR2
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE

The motherboard I think is the M2P61PM-HM (because ...
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Do I need an older version of Phoenix Crisis Recovery?

I managed to corrupt my Phoenix bios. I get a dead screen, audible post beep indicating check-sum error and
the boot block firmware is activating the floppy (yes.. an old floppy) drive awaiting a recovery disk. I made
a bootable floppy using a version of Phoenix Crisis recovery, but it doesn't work. I am not sure whether my
bios files are in the proper format. My version of bios is in the BIOS.ROM and PLATFORM.BIN ...
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biostar 865GV micro 478 dead bios and floppy

I have that mainboard.ı upgraded bios on windows.ı think ı did a mistake because pc don't open.I want upgrade bios with award.exe but floppy don't read the disk.
what can ı do?
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GA-8i915PM - Boot Block Issues

Hi All,

I will detail all problems then we can see if anyone can help once they have the full story.

I have a GA-8i915PM Rev 2.0 from a Packard Bell machine. The BIOS was corrupt and would not POST. Hangs at logo flash screen.
I searched in vain for a packard bell BIOS the board, contact support at PB (Via Phone and Support Request), still no BIOS

I established that Gigabyte also made an ...
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Problems with bios after flash

My problem start's with my hard drive 80gb only recognize 30gb i also change the jumpers but without sucess so i research on web and i find out that i have to flash my bios "AWARD MODULAR BIOS V 4.51PG" to my motherboard "SHUTTLE HOT-661V" so i find out on this website the update to my bios ... 0&count=40 i put the files on the diskette the AWDFLASH ...
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ecs board dead after wrong bios update?

Hi the other day i flashed my ECS NFORCE 570 SLIT-A (V5.1) with the bios for NFORCE 570 SLIT-A (V3.1) by accident and now all i get is a black screen. My floppy drive spins but it doesnt read anything. i do get beeps if i remove memory and my video card fan slows down like normal but it doesnt post. I tried making a bootdisk and try to fix it but it doesnt seem ...
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Pegatron M2N78-LA BIOS Update FAILED

i have a buddy he have a Pegatron M2N78-LA and he say he update is bios, during the update is computer froze.
So is there a way to reinstall is bios ?
in from a HP computer pavilion p6122f

thanks guy
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