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great site! :)

Well i was pretty stumped on the visit. I have this Compaq Pressario 5000T (5BWME2). Its pretty hard to find out information on what hardware it has considering that Compaq is now HP and whatnot. I came here and i pretty much was directed where to go, thats pretty cool you really dont see that kind of quality in other sites. The site is very helpful and resourceful thanks for everything. Hopefully i can get ...
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How do I change my Avatar saying? I don't see any place to do so in the profile edit page..

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lost registration

First I register as "K5", but I do not receive promised activation e-mail :?
Preferably I would use "K5" instead "K5_".

Thanks K5
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Things to do


1. Can someone move in the javascript to No.1 (or default to No.4 instead of No.1)
(Yes, I am shift clicking those links up right to open them in a new window)

2. The Ami-Bios numbers page should be available from the main page

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This is not a suggestion, but rather a question.

I posted a question on how to determine what motherboard I have under the "What is my Motherboard" area of your forum.

Then, after I determined which board I have, I posted a question about the same board regarding the proper BIOS and Flash Utility for the board under the "Bios Utilities and Flash Programs" section of your forum.

The moderator replied to the second question under "Bios Utilities and Flash Programs" , asking me ...
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Posting guidelines

Sometimes it's not easy to identify a mainboard even if the Bios-ID is given .
Maybe add to the guidelinnes to Post the Bios OEM signon - the message just below AMI or AWARD Bios message or Logo - maybe with a picture added(if possible)

Another picture with a Bios-ID from Award or AMI will help too .
Or a complete screenshot from the startup screen with both the Bios-ID and OEM signon message
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*Mark All Forums Read* Repost

Since it seems to have disappeared, I'll repost to add the *Mark All Forums Read* button either higher on the main page, or add it to the *View Posts Since Last Visit* page.

I know when I visit, I log in, then look at all the posts since my last visit. When I'm done, I mark all read, then logout. I bet alot of you do the same. Right now you have to go back ...
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Nice new look :)
1. I find when using the forums that there isn't an easy link back to the wimsbios homepage if I want to check a BIOS ID.
2. There are FAQ numbers against some forum names. Could they be hyperlinked to the Wim's BIOS FAQ page ?
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