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BIOS flash error message 'file size does not match'

attempting to update FIC VB601 mb with MI415.bin or MI413.bin and their respective flash utilities (flash73.exe or flash703.exe respectively). However, when utility tries to write the file to the board I get ' File size does not match' and the utility kicks out to the DOS prompt. I checked the file attributes and turned off the archive bit; I did notice that the bin file shows 262kb in Winzip but after unzipping it shows 256kb. ...


my bios id:i815-w83627hf-6a69rtrdc-00
who can tell me which manufactor my bios belongs to ?
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this is the number 05/31/2001-8363-686-K7VZAC-00!

I need it for the onboardsoundcard.

thx for u help
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Bios serial number program needed

i need a program to get BIOS serial number..
where i can get it?


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Uniflash can't detect BIOS type P28F020

I have tried to run Uniflash on my HP Vectra VA 6/200, but it doesn't detect the BIOS type, why?
I have searched the board and found Intel P28F020 chip on board.
The uniflash.doc file says it colud detect this chip, so...

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How to make a computer not show any text at startup


I need to change my AMIBIOS for SIS730 - 810LMR motherboard, so that the computer won't show any texts at startup (like RAM testing, hard drive searching etc...). If possible a custom logo should be displayed instead.

Thank you for your help.

Dell Dimension 4400

hi-i have a dell dimension 4400- i reformatted my hard drive not too long ago and installed dual operating systems-win98se and winxp. everything is working great except i have no sound in win98se and need to reinstall the driver for the onboard sound card (ADI1885) that is on the motherboard. i am trying to identify the motherboard, but because of the dual operating systems, i don't get the normal bios message at startup. i used ...
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Hello, my bios ID is 2A5IA31.
Where i find an upgrade ???

Thanks, and excuse me for bad english!

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:cry: Hi , I've copied the info of my PC boot screen but don't seem to be able to find which motherboard it is . (It's a gateway(explains it all!!!)


Many Thanks for your help
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BIOS ROM checksum error

Hello everyone, I just came across this message, after the cooler went off, I saved the cpu AMD but now when I switch the PC, it write "Award Bootblock BIOS v1.0 ... BIOS ROM checksum error... INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER"
So I did it, I tried with winme boot, win98 boot, win95 boot, dos 6.22 boot and DRDOS 7, the floppy start to read and few minutes later, it stops and then nothing ...
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