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M/B Manual for QDI P51430 VX

Motherboard manual for QDI P51430vx please help....
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i'm very new to this, so please don't blaze me...

I'm very new, but i bought a very old pc, now the win98 wont start. I was told that my bios settings are not set right, and on the start up screen, it tells me that i have a fixed disc 1 error. when i got to the BIOS Utitlity and system configuration, it tells me to push F8 for auto detect, but then it tells me the fixed disc has errors and that it ...


Who could help me to find a Bios Update for Award Software International 4.51.PG

I don´t know the name of my motherboard.

Thanks a lot, chrisu
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I cant find my current bios manufacturer that is Award Software International, and the Bios version is 4.51PG. Soft sandra gave me the current Bios ID: i440ZX-ED-2A69KD4FC-00
The mother board is intel 440BX/Dx/ZX.
Also the chips in the PC has this numbers M29F00ST ( i think that it's the Chip model number)

Also has another Intel Chip that reads:

I am upgrading from Win 98SE to win XP pro.

Thanks for your ...
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I have an Intergraph TDZ-2000 with the following information:

BIOS Manufacturer : American Megatrends
BIOS ID : 61-841F-006350-00111111-071595-82440LX
BIOS Date : 07/15/95
BIOS OEM Signon :
BIOS ROM Size : 256K
Chipset : Intel 440EX/LX rev 3
Super I/O Chip : SMC 93x rev 1 found at port 370h

I cannot find the motherboard mfg #006350 so I can find a BIOS update. I have upgraded to W2K and recently added a new ATI FIRE ...
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01/20/98 i440LX-2A69JBODC-00

Help, cannot find it!!!!!!!!
01/20/98 i440LX-2A69JBODC-00
Award Modular Bios v.4.51PG
FDC 37C672QFP-A9716-A5492-6M94526-8
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BIOS flash error message 'file size does not match'

attempting to update FIC VB601 mb with MI415.bin or MI413.bin and their respective flash utilities (flash73.exe or flash703.exe respectively). However, when utility tries to write the file to the board I get ' File size does not match' and the utility kicks out to the DOS prompt. I checked the file attributes and turned off the archive bit; I did notice that the bin file shows 262kb in Winzip but after unzipping it shows 256kb. ...


my bios id:i815-w83627hf-6a69rtrdc-00
who can tell me which manufactor my bios belongs to ?
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this is the number 05/31/2001-8363-686-K7VZAC-00!

I need it for the onboardsoundcard.

thx for u help
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Bios serial number program needed

i need a program to get BIOS serial number..
where i can get it?


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