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by nodrog01
Thu Aug 08, 2002 8:33 am
Forum: My hard drive isn't recognized
Topic: 4.3GB: 12/12/95 --2c4d200-00
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4.3GB: 12/12/95 --2c4d200-00

Can someone please help me. When i set the above BIOS to 8255 Cyl, 16 Heads, 63 Spl. The Bios shows the correct Hard Drive sizeof 4.3GB, but when trying to partition it only 500MB is accessible. I am trying to set up dual boot system with windows and linux, so i am not sure if overlay software will ...
by nodrog01
Sun Aug 04, 2002 3:15 pm
Forum: Other BIOS update issues.
Topic: BIOS Update for MV045 Rev.B1 motherboard
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BIOS Update for MV045 Rev.B1 motherboard

Could someone please help me with a BIOS update for a MV045 Rev.B1
The Bios id is 12/12/95--2C4D2000-00
Manufacturer seems to be Win Technologies i cannot get onto there site

Some help would be greatly appreciated