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#56400 by DCC
Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:19 pm
Possession wrote:
DCC wrote:I ended up changing the motherboard.

Why the hell do Acer have a bios for download that wrecks their own computers?

It's STILL there! :x

@DCC, Can you maybe take a picture of the BIOS chip from the old board? I want to order a replacement bios chip but have no idea what kind of one to get.
PM me if you can't post it here.

If someone has a bios version 1.14 for AMD machine with geforce graphics, please mail that to me too. Thanks

Thanks in advance.

Edit - Removed the OP's e-mail address. KW

Sorry for late reply, I no longer have the computer, I was repairing it for someone. I'd just replace the board, there's usually loads on Ebay!