Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#47996 by PlastickMat66
Sat Feb 16, 2008 9:12 am
Now this post is to help anyone who has had the similar case and to support you in this procedure and maybe inject a boost of confidence in some of you who think maybe this solution seems a little thrown off which I thought was the case because I had a hard tim believing a dead machine could read off a drive when its being instructed to do clearly nothing...(So for those of you who don't understand) I actually registered and came on here to openly thank all those who posted a functioning solution and very useful links and came on here to tell those who are still trying that it actually DOES work.

Alright I have an Acer 5050-5574 which I bought in Canada this summer.

We then moved to the middle-east (OMAN) where service is very bad so here it goes.

This laptop was working well until I went onto the ACER website and decided to upgrade my BIOS because they claimed it to resolve issues concerning VISTA (I am using XP but thought it could lead to general improvement if it improves VISTA performance)

So I used the windows flash utility, everything went fine but the laptop would not start up anymore.

Took the machine to <LOAY INTERNATIONAL> which actually coordinates with the local dealer in DUBAI and they were unable to fix anything the laptop stayed on a shelf for a few crumbs past a month's time period, all they came up with as a suggestion was a replacement for the motherboard which would have cost me around 500 USD the laptop having been payed 750 any common sense says that it's not worth it.

So this week I decided I had waited enough, and I had done some reading accross this website and it was time for me to do my own tests before having to pay transportation to Canada to get it fixed which was quite expensive.

Went out bought a LIGHTWAVE cheapbranded USB Floppy drive downloaded all the ACER 5050 series BIOSes I could find.

AFTER USING THE BIOS RECOVERY DISK FROM HP I THINK? You take your ACER BIOS that you want to use and are sure functions, replace it by the one with the recovery disk and rename it to BIOS.WPH *so basically your sort of using the HP technique, and blending in an ACER bios* Make the disk, prepare your USB FDD pop the diskette in and plug the FDD into any USB port (I tried them all no difference)

1) So first step I took the DC battery out, the power cord out

2) Holding Fn + Esc you pop the AC power in and press power at the same time as your holding your still holding the two keys.

3) The computer boots up, and shortly after reads from the diskette for what seems forever (About 2-3 minutes)

4) I was told to wait for a BEEP, or to press Fn Esc and wait for it to restart automatically but none of this was produced. So I kept retrying other BIOS files, redoing it several times, the machine would do this and nothing would end up POSTing

5) Decided to pop the back panel open and take the CMOS battery out, the RAM out, the WiFi card out and let it sit for a few minutes.

6) Popped everything back in, the computer posted with the BIOS it had crashed with in the first place (so I assume the windows flash actually turned out to be a BAD FLASH even if it said it was successful)

So I want to thank all of you who put out information for this kind of trouble, because without you I'd be prived of my laptop for another month and probably would have had ended up paying for something one way or another. The original instructions were for I think a 9000 series ACER and a 1600z or something but they ended up working for my 5050-5574 so anyone who has troubles with their crisis recovery, I hope this post solidifies your worries.