After market upgrades for Bios on a Dell Inpsiron 3500

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Newbe here. I've tried to get and upgrade BIOS for my Inspiron 3500 but can't find any aftermarket suppliers who produce one. I have the latest that Dell offers. I've "hacked" quite a bit of this machine (Replacing the Pii 300 with a a Piii 650 for starters) that Dell says is not possible but the bios doesn't support Intels SpeedStep and advanced power management. I can't believe that there is no way to upgrade the BIOS passed Dells "end of life" for the machine.

Has anyone had expirience with these machines or anything like this? Are there companies who will create a bios for OEM machines like this? Is it possible to use a "generic" BIOS to replace the one that Dell created? I have quite a few of these at work I can play with all of which are passed the warrantee so I'm not afraid of expirmenting.

Thanks in advance!
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