Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#60886 by kvex
Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:57 pm
Hello everyone.

Laptop Manufacturer : HP
Laptop Version : HP G72-b10SW
Windows Version : Win7 x64
Bios version: F.48
Bios Driver :
I will start with a problem that i have met one day ago which made me try to reflash it in dos mode with UEFI.
I have got a modded driver from a site which i forgot his address but anyway the problem sounds like this :
I have entered in my bios menu and i have changed at Graphic Card from Hybrid to dGPU setting. Because there is some problems with Switchable Graphics claimed by all ATI users that have iGPU + dGPU. And after i saved the settings the laptop turned off and after few seconds turned on with CAPSLOCK + NUMLOCK LEDS Blinking two times + wait + two times again... continously. That means the bios is bricked or has some failures.
Now my problem is that i've tried to recover it with official files and original bios files with no luck.
I've made a USB Stick drive with HP UEFI driver, i've copied the result from decrypt process with phoenixtool which means from 01439.FD was 01439.FD.DEC + RSA.SIG
I have renamed to 01439.BIN + 01439.SIG and i have copied to the HP_TOOLS USB drive into X:\Hewlett-Packard\BIOS\Current

I have pushed the WIN+B key and power button after over 20-30 seconds the laptop stop blinking NUMLOCK+Capslock LEDS but it is giving me beeping sounds while i keep WIN+B key until i release them.
The problem is that the laptop is still in black screen mode. Which i want to tell you isn't from GPU's or anything else because it's a brand new motherboard bought one month ago.

I came here maybe if you can give me a way to succeed in recovering this dead notebook motherboard...