Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#57846 by tdz03402
Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:04 am
Hello all -

Have run up against a wall on this one and am hoping someone here may have a suggestion.

I am attempting to perform a BIOS recovery on a Quanta KN1A whitebook, a model that was marketed in Europe as the Gericom Supersonic PCI-E KN1. The machine is from roughly 2004-2005, and the mobo model# is DAKN1AMB8G7 REV G. It has PhoenixBIOS on a chip that is soldered on to the motherboard. This particular unit had been working fine but received a bad/incorrect BIOS flash, and now the lights flash at power-on but there is no display and no boot. I tore the machine down, removed the CMOS battery for several hours, put it back together, crossed my fingers, and still nothing.

In hopes that that the BIOS bootblock is still intact, I have dusted off a USB floppy drive and generated a Phoenix "Crisis Recovery Disk" (using the latest version of wincris.exe I could find: with a known-working BIOS.WPH image. I have had no luck getting the machine to boot from this diskette using what appears to be a fairly standard recovery procedure:

1) Battery out
2) Power cord out
3) Plug in USB floppy drive
3) Hold down Fn+B or Win+B (or one of several other possible key combinations: Fn+Esc, Fn+F, End, etc.)
4) Power cord in
5) Press power button

I have nothing beyond the user guide for this machine and have been unable to find a motherboard-specific manual. Does anyone here know if there is a specific "BIOS Recovery Mode" key combination is for this motherboard/machine? Or, conversely, can anyone confirm that that the board is toast and unrecoverable in its current state? Any further suggestions?

Thanks in advance... this is an old machine, but I'd still like to bring it back to working order if possible.