Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#57850 by woordvoerder
Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:33 am

first i must say i'm a total newbie for bios.. (you people must be thinking like sigh another one) i'm sorry

but i have a acer aspire 9813WKMI with phoenix bios
now it says vga bios verion is: nVIDEA G73 E463
but my vga is Nvidia geforce 7600 go for notebook
bios verion : v2.14
is this correct ????

the problem is:
when i install windows 7 or vista it all works fine but if i want to start the advanced startup options (that's f8 menu wile booting right after the bios splash screen).
it wont show but i know it's there because i can choose safe mode, i only need to guess where in the menu is hidden.
so i have the menu but in black screen..

when i install ubuntu 11.10 everything works fine only but when i login in ubuntu en start the terminal (ctrl+alt+f1 or ctrl+alt+f2 or ctrl+alt+f6) the screen is black and it shows me nothing.
it also says something about the vga on the install, when pressing f6 on loading of install you get a list that checks hardware like audo bluetooth vga but everything says ok except at vga(or video or graphic i can't remember wich one) it says failed
also i dont get the splash screen,
also when i startup to grub (shift holding while booting after the splash screen of bios) it gives me stripes...
so i say it's my vga but as i said i'm a total newbie in bios or what so ever.....

is there someone that can help me i use different forums, but nobody know anything...

please tell me what to do step by step

thank you