Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#35616 by DoZe2
Wed Dec 21, 2005 1:31 am
Hi :o
I'm newbie here and i have a BIG prob with the subject :wink:

As you can see, on this topic, i 'm not the only one to have this Prob:

See here: ... topic=6515

For my part, i think it's a video bios problem,no :?:

i have a "separated file" version of the PSP10E V1.90 version:

For more knowledge, this is the use of each file :

ACPI0.rom & ACPI1.rom : This 2 files is for ACPI

bb.rom : Eeprom Boot Block

BIOSCOD0.rom : bios code (probably the core)
BIOSCOD1.rom : bios code (probably the core)
BIOSCOD2.rom : bios code (probably the core)
BIOSCOD3.rom : bios code (probably the core)

DECOMPC0.rom : LZ decompression algorithm

DISPLAY0.rom : Screen interface of bios

LOGO0.rom : "in touch with tomorrow" : "wide" boot screen
LOGO1.rom : "dynabook" : "wide" Japanese boot screen
LOGO2.rom : Blank ?!
LOGO3.rom : "intel inside Pentium4 logo"
LOGO4.rom : "intel inside Pentium4 logo" ("narrow" version)
LOGO5.rom : "intel inside Pentium4 HT logo"
LOGO6.rom : "intel inside Pentium4 HT logo" ("narrow" version)
LOGO7.rom : "in touch with tomorrow" : "narrow" boot screen
LOGO8.rom : "dynabook" : "narrow" Japanese boot screen

MISER0.rom : Power management

OPROM0.rom : NV34 E133 VGA BIOS :
OPROM1.rom : NV31 E133-2 VGA BIOS : (Go5600) 8)
OPROM2.rom : NV34 E133 VGA BIOS :
OPROM3.rom : NV34 E133 VGA BIOS :

OPROM4.rom : Realtek PXE boot (Last post have an error)

rom.scr : Phoenix BIOS script file to build the new/modified bios

ROMEXEC1.rom : Executable Core Bios

SETUP0.rom : Setup Engine

STRINGS0.rom : the items and the message of the bios

TEMPLAT0.rom : the screen interface (main,advanced,security,boot,exit)

UPDATE0.rom : CPU update (use to recognize automatically CPU ?)

USER0.rom : Dunno :roll:

User-De0.rom : Dunno :roll:

The problem is the phoenix bios editor can't open correctly the RomFile.
you can do it But after Catenate , all seems ok but flashing with this file and you obtain a "Dead" PC.

Can someone help me to build a correct file plz ? :D

Thanx in advance!

PS: Sorry for my Bad English ! :wink: