Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#55773 by Mr.Ghost
Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:24 am
Hello ,

1st any help will be appreciated ..

*) i have

sony Vaio VGN-NS130E ..

< h tt p : / / esupport. sony . com /US/perl/ >
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Model : PCG-7142L
Bios Manufacture / type : Aptio ( AMI )
Bios Version : R0200Y3 < Not Original its after i updates it using afudos.exe tools
( i extracted the rom file from An Update For my Bios on my model's page and flashed it by afudos.exe )
Download link :
< h t t p : / / esupport . sony . com/US/perl/ >
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*) Problem :
i used to install Vista Home Premium 32bit to my VGN-NS130e ... for a 15 days ago i try to install a fresh copy but i see an error while - Expanding File - Step

The Error Code : 0x000007B
Some times error Code : 0x80070003
other times error code : 0x800700a1
the most error code i faced is [ 0x80070003 ] & [ 0x000007B ]

i Google for this error and i found that i should change Sata Mode in Bios ..
From ACHI / Raid / IDE Or some thing like that ..

The Bad News : when i press [F2] while computer start up i see that Bios Setup Page Dosn't Have any menu other than
[Main] [Security] [Boot] [Exit]
Other tab menu were hidden .

*)What i try to did ..

i try to use AmiBCP in many version .. to Edit Rom File and change [Show] Case for all tabs menu to [Yes] . .

when i use old versions of amibcp and try to open [ CTRL + O] Rom file it says that " Couldn't Open The File!"
when i use the last version [ AmiBCP 8 ] and try to open rom file it says "Rom Header Not Found "
When i use MMtool ( any version Old or last ) and try to load Rom File it says "Error Loading Rom Image(100003h)"

Note: Same error message / result when i use ami tools on BNoBTCV5 / BNoBTCV 6 2007 ..

Be in mind that i test all this on another Computer with different bios than target computer
may-b amibcp dosn't work as i don't use it on target computer [ VGN-NS130E]

i try also to download HDD Driver for my hdd and integrated the driver into windows xp pro. using nlite it have solve installations issue and i havn't got the error 0x80070003 in installations .. but when i finish installing win and got the wellcome screen before desktop loading it still loading more than normal time .. and the screen flash with BSOD [ Blue Screen of Death ] i can't read any error code or what in the blue screen .. cuz it flashed quickly and computer goes into restart again .

What i Need :
Showing hidden menu tabs specially [ Advanced ] tab cuz i need to change sata mod

can any one edit my Bios Rom File [ Using AmiBCP ] And Shows All Hidden Tabs menu For me .
Save edited rom file , Upload it .. post the link .. i appreciated his/here efforts ..

Yours Sincerely ,
aka/s Mr.Ghost