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#52526 by calguy
Sun Apr 19, 2009 1:33 am
Hello Bios Gods,

I replaced the original 20G Pata drive in a Dell 1100 Inspirion laptop with Samsung 160G HM160HC drive. I did not update the bios even though I knew it was old and installed XP Home with SP3. The bios would not see over 137 gig and neither did XP with SP3. I then updated to the latest bios A32 from Dell support and it still did nothing. I then used partician software to enlarge the partician to it's full size and now XP sees the full 160 gig size (minus OS).

Am I ok now even though the bios does not recognize the full drive size, but the OS does?. I don't want any problems as the drive starts to fill up. Can someone please provide some feedback?