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#34415 by Jessica12
Fri Oct 14, 2005 8:42 pm
Does anyone have an idea of how it would be possible to overclock the Neomagic videocard that so many of us have in our 600E's and 600X's?

Also has anyone had luck with getting direct3d or openGL to work on this chipset. I know that the hardware supports it but I havn't found any drivers that will workfor hardware acceleration yet. Anyone know of or are using modified drivers?

Anyone interested in getting a team together to write some good drivers?

My system:
600E 2645-5BU( 4BU Motherboard)
420 MB RAM (32 MB onboard stable at 108Mhz FSB!)
PIII 750Mhz running at 810Mhz daily (modified 600E heatsink with copperfins and extra 4500 rpm fan to keep air moving over fins)
Windows XP Professional
Marcus's Deepsleep program
Version 5.1 of CPU controlpanel