Sony GRX316SP

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I have a Sony GRX316SP laptop computer. It is meant to be a 1.2/1.7ghz speedstep machine but when running on batteries it is 835mhz which Sony say is by design.

The power management facilities in XP do not allow me to run the machine at full spec when on batteries. I have also looked at the bios and there is a section called, 'CPU Performance Control' and next to it is 'Support'. I believe the configuration features I require are in the bios, as my mates dell one's are but Sony have locked the bios and aren't prepared to help. Great support!

Seemingly power management in XP has two settings, and adjusts are made automatically when the ac power is in and when it is out -- even though you specify that the machine's power configuration is like, 'Always On'. Is this a bug, and is there a fix or a registry hack to ensure that the computer thinks it is always plugged into the ac power supply?

Using the bios finder tool, i have the following information:-

Bios Manufacturer : PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0
Bios ID : Unknown
Bios Date : 02/26/02
Bios ROM Size : 512K
BIOS OEM Signon: {blank}
Chipset : Intel 1A30 rev 4
Suport I/O Chip : Known super I/O chip is not found

I have seen other posts that for a sony laptop that use the PhFlash utility along with a rom file.

Is there any way I can backup my existing ROM file, and make modifications to try and remove the cpu control performance limitation imposed by Sony?, or has anyone done this?

Would installing a basic rom from Phoenix cause any major problems?? If not does anyone have one.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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