1.2GB: AcerPower 9130

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PC: AcerAcros Pentium 100
Model Number: 91.AA260.010
Bios: Acer V12C ver 2.0R02-CO
Main board: ACR6EE00

I need any bios update from the original acer bios.
This bios will not recognize a 1.2 gigi drive. Bios is automatic with no settings for drive parameters.
I have searched the web exhaustively, also searched acer, and this web site. The update is listed here on wimbios in the acer section but all the links that are posted here are dead.

If anyone downloaded it when it was good, please let me know. Or please direct me to a current site with one. The acer ftp site has nothing.

Frank Mysliwiec
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So that's the V12C motherboard. Acer Assist. http://assist.acer.com/public/system/index.htm identifies it as from the AcerPower 9130 among others - that's the one with the part number you specified. Hmmm...
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AcerPower 9130 - 91.AA260.010 - V12C is the right one.

There is no label on the front cover other than the AcerAcros one.

Great Page you had, I never found the assist pages before. Very informative. I was able to get all the information about this pc and it is accurate! Too bad there is no bios update though!

I'll chock this ole thing up to only 95 compatable and give it back to em.
Thanks for the info.

El cheapo dude
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The only BIOS update I could find was:

http://ftp.cc.ntut.edu.tw/ftp/Vendors/v ... v12c/bios/
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